My mentors always believed in me and supported me

Hello I’m Aditya Thakkar and I’m currently studying in SK Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce and I’m in my third year.

So the journey of equity edge begins with my friend who shared the brochure of equity edge when I had no idea about my future plans. So when I first saw the brochures I was like, need to know like what will it be it like.

So our mentors arranged a lectures for us in which I got to know what is equity research and what I have to do when I grow up(in my career). So when I first started with the course I had no idea about equity research. I was under confident and I had low self esteem. I had no knowledge on equity market but my mentors always believed in me and supported me throughout this journey.

So now that I’m done with this course I’m actually ready to be out in the equity research field and I’m eager to start my career in this field.

Aditya Thakkar has finished the course with flying colors and he is currently pursuing further studies.  


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