Equity Edge teaches us to achieve greatness and to maintain it



Hello my name is Meghna Patial and I’m a student pursuing Bachelor in Commerce and accountancy from SK Somaya College of arts and commerce. The academic curriculum educates us to become clerks but equity edge prepares us from a fresh perspective.

The course includes subjects pivotal for an aspirant research analyst. In the past 8 months I have gained practical exposure that I have consume from being a part of this program which has been above my personal expectations.

The course covers financial concepts in depth. The confidence with which I discuss the financial market today has been possible because of my engagement in equity edge. We are constantly reminded that nobody is a born analyst but anyone can become one. We are also humble on being relegated that is what make me think of equity edge so highly. We are taught to achieve greatness and to maintain it.

The key to a good student is a great teacher, a mentor who is part of the industry to impart with relevant information and has first decluttered our minds of the misinformation that we have with us all this while.

Today I walk out as someone who is proud that I am a part of equity edge.

After finishing Equity Edge, Meghna Patial was part of Nippon Asset management research team and currently pursuing higher education internationally. 


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